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Case Study: Beating Aggressive Timelines

A law-firm client had two weeks to prepare for responding to a discovery order. The data set covered ten custodians across two separate construction related businesses, Company A and Company B.


Adio and the law-firm arranged two separate meetings with each company’s IT Administrators. During that meeting the collection, search and production process was discussed with the client. The IT Administrators were delegated the permissions to upload directly from their Microsoft 365 environment into Everlaw.
Adio was not provided the log-in credentials or able to access the client’s Microsoft 365 environment.


The direct upload avoided the need for each company to extract the data through Microsoft 365 and then upload or send the extracted data to Adio. Within 24 hours Adio had collected over 600 GB of data directly through Microsoft 365 as well as via the IT Administrators uploading ZIPs of other data sources directly into Everlaw. The efficiency reduced the impact on the company IT staff and enabled the legal teams to get immediate access to the clients voluminous data.You can learn more about Everlaw Microsoft 365 collections at: Uploading Documents from Microsoft 365 (also known as Office 365) – Knowledge Base (

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