Our expertise and devotion to client service underpin our solutions.

We understand that every matter is different. So are we. We provide economical and collaborative solutions for early-stage document management, battle-hardened analytics for streamlined search and review in large matters, and highly responsive services and technology for efficient trials and arbitrations.

Our services

Experience a comprehensive suite of legal services with Adio. Our cutting-edge eDiscovery software, powered by Everlaw, is just the beginning. Our trial services ensure your litigation strategy is strong, informed and successful. With our cloud management services, you can rest assured that your data is secure and accessible at all times. Elevate your expectations and experience enhanced efficiency, value, and peace of mind with Adio. Contact us today to learn more.


Get access to your documents sooner

Adio offers an unlimited number of users access to the fastest processing, search, and review litigation platform in the market. Coupled with the ability to directly integrate with your enterprise and cloud services (365, Slack, Gmail, Zoom, etc), you get access to your data sooner. And when you have the data, the instant search speed, doc-to-doc transition and coding shortcuts enable review at a pace that must be experienced to be believed. Our technology and service then combine to meet the most demanding of production requests.

Collaborate in new ways

Adio provides options to clients that promote more efficient ways of working, including: direct collections from client enterprise cloud sources, such as Microsoft 365 Teams messages and folders and Slack; enabling clients and legal teams to upload data directly to the platform; promoting the use of in-platform messaging, collaborating on drafts and chronologies; and creating workspaces for clients and counsel to independently review their documents.

Easily overcome challenging data sources

We provide a solution for common challenges:

  • Teams' conversations, file storage and the associated attachments
  • Modern attachments and documents hyperlinked from emails
  • Ongoing collections from constantly changing source
  • Audio to text machine transcription
  • Video, Excel and CSV redaction
  • Australian and New Zealand production formats
  • Secure review from unknown devices, and more

Integrated advanced analytics

Adio can assist to make the most out of Everlaw’s Continuous Active Learning algorithm and a suite of analytics tools to group threads, near-duplicates, and concept clusters. We help you leverage the analytics to expedite your document review for every matter. The “always on” analytics ensures you receive the maximum benefit analytics, even when you’re not expecting it.

Adio expertise

Every client uses different technology. Ever matter has a different set of parameters. Our consulting teams have deep experience scoping the information available to help establish a discovery plan. We also assist with document exchange protocols, managing preservation and collections, establishing review workflows, and defining technology-assisted review protocols.

Fair and predictable pricing

We have a simple fee structure for Early Case Assessment and Review that includes all technology costs (unlimited users, analytics, rendering to PDF, etc). Adio’s unique cost management framework becomes more aligned with your activity. Each month we optimise your costs when you don’t access the litigation platform. And, if your matter moves to an Adio-supported trial, you won’t pay additional hosting fees. We think it’s the simplest and fairest eDiscovery hosting model, ever.

Trial Solutions

Streamline your trials and arbitrations

Adio Trial Solutions streamlines your brief preparation, online court book, and the conduct of trials and arbitrations. Our team provide you with responsive service and support during your trial. Our team has extensive experience helping counsel prepare for small and large hearings. Adio helps streamline court processes and document management to save up to 30% trial time when compared with managing hardcopy. Our dedicated courtroom operators track and record the details of each exhibit as well as the running order of the trial.

Impactful evidence

With Adio, calling electronic documents in the courtroom is almost instant. Our presentation software allows for side-by-side document comparisons, highlighting and magnification of text of interest, and in-court image and video display. Our technology supports your uninterrupted cross-examinations and allows for the faster display of evidence as you need it.

Secure public and private document management

Our secure, segregated online litigation platform allows for the economical hosting of the court book and public and private data. Our technology also enables the immediate transfer of documents from private court bundles to the parties’ public court bundles in minutes.

Document hyperlinking and cross-referencing

Adio’s platform provides document hyperlinking, calculation of Refers To, Referred In, built-in Secure File Uploads, in-platform messaging, blink-speed search, and more features that provide for efficient online court book hosting and linking of related documents.

Enterprise grade networking

Our in-court support provides enterprise-grade networking and Internet, modern screen deployments for the whole court, technology for remote witness interviewing, and web streaming.

Highly responsive service

Adio are highly responsive to your needs and the needs of counsel. Our service is supported by our modern litigation technology. Our goal is to enable your teams to manage documents and focus on winning the case, while Adio provides the best technology solutions and service.

Managed Cloud

Could security

We are one of the most experienced cloud-based litigation support providers. We are the first company in Australia to achieve ISO27001:2022. We operate with transparency and provide a security framework that can integrate with our clients. We’ve designed our infrastructure to be modular so that clients can ultimately use our secure environments, if required.

Independent environments that scale

We have an infrastructure model where the adio and client independent environments connect to the adio cloud chassis. Each environment is comprised of dedicated accounts and infrastructure. Accordingly, a client can access their environment and access only their data. We call each client’s account and services an Independent Client Environment (ICE) Cubes and are available through an annual Adio subscription.

Independent environment benefits:

As a summary of the primary benefits of Adio’s managed environments:

  • Independent AWS infrastructure that your technical teams may access
  • Independent encryption at rest and dedicated storage
  • Your organisation can control your user account authentication (i.e., use your corporate username and password) by integrating your SAML2.0 Identity provider
  • We can integrate Everlaw with your Microsoft 365, Slack and other cloud services and reduce collection burden on your IT team
  • We can customise remote virtual desktops and infrastructure for Adio and your technical teams have the tools you need in a secured environment
  • We can establish geographical restrictions that control what systems Adio and your users can access depending on their network location
  • You’ll have ongoing visibility on the systems and controls we have in place to manage and protect your data
  • When you need to terminate your enviroment, we can quickly and securely delete it and all backups within 24 hours

Confidently engage

Our Information Security framework is designed to meet the scrutiny of external security and compliance teams. Even those with unique needs. To help facilitate the security discussions, Adio’s Chief Information Security Officer and our Cloud Engineers are available to meet with subscription clients and their security teams to review our solutions.  

Additionally, your eDiscovery and IT teams can leverage Adio’s environments and solutions to offload the burden of managing complex eDiscovery environments. Your teams will maintain a high level of access and visibility. We want to be an extended part of your team to help you focus on the data and documents while we support the infrastructure.

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