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Case Study: Defeating Duplicates in eDiscovery

An Adio cost-conscious law firm client received over 8 TB of data extracted from cloud sources, backup tapes and file servers. There was significant duplication between the sources.


Adio provided reports on the data paths across the data set and identified where user created data existed. The client agreed to target those areas to reduce the volumes for processing down to 1.5 TB of data. Adio avoided all data processing fees by using Everlaw to ingest the data for search and review.


The targeted data was forensically extracted and uploaded over a 48-hour period. After global deduplication at the group level (e.g. an email and it’s attachments in full are evaluated for duplication), 450 GB of data was available for Early Case Assessment with the file paths of the ‘originals’ and ‘duplicates’ available for browsing. 

Additionally, Adio implemented review workflows that ensure duplicate documents at the individual file level (e.g. the same attachment on separate emails) were coded consistently across the document sets during their review. You can learn more about Everlaw deduplication on upload at: Uploading Native Data to Everlaw -Knowledge Base (

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