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Case Study: Find Needles in Haystacks

A law firm received an email export from their client containing the results of searches across their Microsoft 365 environment for two email addresses. The searches took three weeks to complete and was purported to be 96 GB in size. Adio were due to receive the data Monday and scheduled training with the busy team for Friday.


Adio received the PST files late Thursday night before training via a Microsoft 365 OneDrive link. Adio ingested the compressed data into Everlaw’s Early Case Assessment (ECA) feature, and the decompressed data totalled 275 GB. The data was comprised of more than 1M+ documents, which were rendered to PDF (1.9M+ pages), OCR’d (150K+ pages), hours of video transcribed. All this was performed overnight with the indexes and threaded emails ready for search review in the morning.


The training was held on the Friday, and the client identified 350 documents in Everlaw ECA that day, which enabled the legal team to progress their case with the client and opposing parties to reach a quick settlement.

You can read more about Everlaw ECA at: The Basics of Early Case Assessment (ECA) - Knowledge Base (

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