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Linkd: evidence cross-referencing

Linkd simplifies document-to-document navigation by cross-referencing and hyperlinking evidence. Linkd's user-friendly and touch-friendly design provides an elegant solution for seamlessly moving between related documents, across eDiscovery documents, affidavits, expert reports, and briefs to counsel.

Key features of Linkd:

  • Identify the page IDs where a document is referenced.
  • Target documents open in a new tab/window alongside the referencing document.
  • Identify incorrect and missing document references.
  • "Refers To" and "Referenced In" cross-references between documents.
  • Hyperlinks within the PDF view of a document directly over the text.
Linkd Demo

Linkd streamlines the creation and review of expert reports, affidavits, briefs, and other legal documents that cross reference evidence.

Linkd on Everlaw

  • Unlimited user accounts.
  • A Windows and Apple friendly interface.
  • User-facing document downloads.
  • Automatic hyperlinking of Document IDs in notes fields.
  • Collaborative chronology and draft creation.

Linkd is included with all Everlaw produced/exchanged documents and is a core component of Adio's Trial Solutions service for preparation for and in support of electronic trials.

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