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Listd: AI Generated Document Descriptions

Our Listd service uses advanced generative artificial intelligence (AI) to describe documents to enhance search and for listing documents in legal proceedings, a process known as objective or bibliographic coding. This labour-intensive task is typically undertaken by lawyers or outsourced to legal process outsourcing companies. Listd provides a scalable alternative for capturing document descriptions at a fraction of the cost and time.

Key features of Listd:

  • Use advanced generative AI (GPT4) to describe documents.
  • Adjust the AI instructions to improve data capture from esoteric documents.
  • Describe thousands of documents per day.
  • Competitive per document rate at a fraction of the traditional cost.
Listd AI

Listd streamlines the creation of document descriptions and is superior to relying on file metadata. Use Listd to save time, meet court requirements, and improve your legal team's searching efficacy.

The Listd service is available through adio for our Everlaw clients and is otherwise available through our hardcopy and objective coding partners.

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