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Case Study: Document IDs Save Time at trial

Multiple identifiers are often assigned to a document during a dispute, which introduces inefficiencies that become more evident as the matter progresses, particularly closer to the hearing. Resolving these issues often requires additional costs and overhead, which can burden already stretched legal teams.


A straightforward solution is to implement unique Document IDs as early as possible in the data management process. This enables consistent identification and referencing of documents throughout the matter lifecycle. By utilising IDs during the document authoring stage, the need for retrospective additions is eliminated, streamlining the cross-referencing of standard court documents such as affidavits, expert reports, pleadings, submissions, aides memoire, etc. using Adio's Linkd. However, if it this not a feasible approach, alternative methods can be employed. For example, document aliases can be assigned to Everlaw's Other Bates field in conjunction with Adio's Linkd.


By adopting this methodology we can eliminate confusion and enable automated hyperlinking and cross-referencing, both of which greatly assist those working with electronic court books during trial preparation and at hearing.

You can learn more about Adio's automated hyperlinking and cross-referencing solutions at: Linkd - (

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