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Case Study: Hyperlinking Briefs

Adio’s client needs to work with counsel to file a claim in a large construction dispute. The claim refers to 750 documents and needed to be hyperlinked for counsel to review and in an offline format to meet court requirements.


Adio used their proprietary Linkd application to link the Statement of Claim with the referenced material. Linkd identified incorrect and missing links for the legal team to track down and include in the updated document.


Legal teams, counsel and experts were provided access to the hyperlinked Statement of Claim through Everlaw. All users access the documents through their computers and iPads. No documents were sent via USB or in hardcopy. The Claim was updated many times in Everlaw and avoided needing to be resent.

Due to the preparation work with Linkd, the statement was filed quickly and efficient with the court and opposing parties receiving offline hyperlinked versions in an eDiscovery compliant format. 

You can learn more about hyperlinking briefs at: Linkd (

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